• Van “Blacklash” Jones

    She’s good for blow jobs and rimming.

  • PimpHandStrong

    Bitch not

  • PoweredByLight

    She was mad when she first saw him. She was like, “I said no black men” then she realized it was Fetty. She was with a Black Man that night.

  • Fuck OVO

    nigga can’t see. He dont know no better.

  • Eman

    He must have used his non good eye when he found her

  • Pietrot Maximof

    Hahahaha you’re going to hell for that one

  • jesse james jr

    Who tf took the pic?

  • Oxx Sama


  • Javier Camuy

    At least he can take the fucking toilet paper out of there lmao

  • LALiving

    “Close your eye, baby. I have a surprise for you.”

  • 0fucksgiven

    Ray Charles see better than that nigga. That’s a garbage ass bitch.

  • Shuan Puffie

    He should have stayed with malika from love and hip hop dam, at least she was true to him