• She look like a lifetime movie network version of White Chicks…

  • …STR8UP…


  • jitsu35

    Big rolling around in his grave like what the fuck


    Fuck!!!! This bitch done fell way tf off ol football helmet head having hoe

  • PounderHarder

    She look like she havin a allergic reaction to somethin.. wtf ?

  • big homie number one

    like a fat puffer fish… outta water..

  • Young Og… Da troll Killa

    Bitch luh like a monster smh

  • Young Og… Da troll Killa


  • Joseph

    Bitch looks like Tiny

  • GreensBeansPotatoesTomatos

    Nah Tiny looks better ?

  • Big Spoon

    This old weekend at Bernies lookin bitch lol

  • KingSirus

    At least Mike had white hands to go with his white face

  • dJumpman Unchained

    Told that bitch, you motherfuckin white

  • JP

    That thot ugly as hell

  • twogunzz

    withe chicks

  • Ze Mog

    Damn… she got Michael Jackson Syndrome


    Wow. Sad.

  • kingmedope

    Her hands still dark tho, and her face don’t move ?

  • Oxx Sama

    All three of them Hœs smacked.

  • 420rellyrell

    She didn’t have enough to bleach her hands her face look like memoir of agesha


    She wearing gloves? ???

  • Jerry Juiceman Henderson


  • Member Berries

    BossBitches Lol hoes make me laugh,

  • Hey Kira ?

    Smh,either her concealer is way too bright or she left in the middle of her bleaching. Her hands aren’t the same color as her face ?


    What a shame

  • King mullah

    U motherfuckin right she ugly


    Dam now you gotta call her Lill Kimberly…

  • rodofiron platinum

    guess she the new Michael Jackson

  • Carlos Alvarenga

    so sad….

  • 0fucksgiven

    The self hatred is real.

  • damn she looks fucked up lmaoooooo like a brats doll deformed

  • Shuan Puffie

    Poor girl her face is white and her body is black as hell? Bad decision

  • Shuan Puffie

    Wtf now on love hip hop yandy fell out with that chick now I know that shit is fake

  • Robert

    Wtf is that!?!?

  • VsNutz

    That was scary as fuck

  • SecretFarmer

    At this point she ain’t Lil Kim. She’s what was reincarnated when Lil Kim died. She needs to leave the entertainment scene all together now!

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