Young MA Just Got A New SKRIPPER Girlfriend! We Got The *GOOD* Pics Inside If You Feelin That…

Rapper Young M.A. starting to live the baller life. Last we knew she was dating Instagram thot model Tori Brixx.. It looks like Young M.A. has decided to pull a smash and dash!

Young M.A. is now dating exotic dancer Baddie Brann from Ace of Diamonds.

Her EX GF Tori Brixx:

Here’s the new gf:

  • She looks weird

  • El rey 870

    Fuck wshh the gutta that place now

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Face is weird as fuck then i saw the ass, but yea the face is fucked BUTT, i would still fuck her a few times before moving on, her ex is much better

  • Blacksnyder

    She barely has a chin.

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    WAAAAAYYY betta

  • O’l James Ellsworth face ass

  • Opulence

    She looks like a bird in the face. Bih look like a vulture in the face lol.. Birdie face hoe lol.. Niggas think she hot too cuz the body sick

  • Mr. Absolution

    shouldve stuck with the Ex.

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    the ex or the new botch? but hey are you really surprised? instagram and stripper hoes, this is how they make the real money

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Post a link i want to see this for myself

  • JayDubia

    She got a dumb ass look on her face

  • JayDubia

    Shut your dick riding ass up fucking groupie

  • JayDubia

    Yea she do

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Theses waffle skin looking mf are becoming pests.

  • GetMoneyGangsta


  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    post a link

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    Y u da feds ???

  • GetMoneyGangsta


  • Tree900

    He kno this bullshit sum trash ????

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Catfish, read the content, the person using her images is polish, not saying shes not a hoe but this is defiantly not her advertising herself.

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Was looking forward to booking her 😉

  • Oxx Sama

    Guppy fish face having mafucka

  • LeeKingSnatch

    Let’s see the sex tape

  • Datdude911


  • GetMoneyGangsta

    Where u at lol

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    How u know ??

  • Daddy Rough Love

    Angry bird face ass bish

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    I’d still eat

  • cuzin

    Funny looking bitch lmao

  • PounderHarder

    Smh. Is all i can do.

  • KingTroll/TrollGod

    So we gonna act like this ain’t the same chick The Game was supposed to be fuckin or is she just getting around

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    Real question is how did you find the add?

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu

    I’m not in Dubai but hey its on my list of places to visit

  • GetMoneyGangsta

    Lmaoo I don’t even know bruh

  • Suleman Rashid Iddrissu


  • YA It’s ME!

    Worthless, wackass wannabe rapper. Fuk that bitch!

  • jesse james jr

    Bitch looks confused

  • True Indeed

    her body is 10/10 but something about her face… shit look weird AF

  • Bryant P

    Lmao that is not India Love

  • KingTroll/TrollGod

    Lol naw I seen sumn on MTO and it was this chick using the the same photos they said “his new 18 yr old” or sum lol

  • Neighborhood Snyper

    Ugly as shit tho

  • smoothoperator

    could be a tranny….sad but true

  • El rey 870

    Boy you sound like a bitch and a half had when you got dicks on your mind you faggot

  • YouLQQklikeMumrah

    Are you really defending thus bitch from a month ago , you must be this bitch , we’ll bitch get married now and have a baby by a male rapper cause this dykes shit not gonna pan out for you , you dumb and ugly and you look like E.T. Only take ass pics not booty pics you rat mouth bitch , and your response has expired now take your fist L in 2017