• Sir Knight Hiram Abiff

    Fake as fuck. Cap gun. How do u shoot 5 shots and then click, click, click, click, click, pow. Notice the camera moves long enough to pour the fake blood.

  • This world is sad


  • Ryan.Dunn

    Fake or not this is crazy shi..!

  • Jay Williams

    She not dead but the fake blood did permanently blind her

  • Tony Romo ha got em’

    Old! best gore been had this shit

  • Take These L’s

    Nah This Shit Is Real Cuh! Only Ignorant MFs Who Thinks This Is Fake!

  • Mike Obama


  • Mike Obama

    fools need to get this chat poppin they banned me on worldstar

  • young

    I know first hand what happens when you get hit with a bullet . Blood doesn’t come out instantly and when it does it’s usually dark purple. . At least when hit with a hollow tip

  • Jermaine cole

    Damn gotta!


    Light primer strike. Gun was a 22..

  • Jermaine cole


  • Jermaine cole

    Lol!! Me 2!!


    Plenty more vids like this at Mondo Narco. She probably was a girlfriend from a rival cartel.

  • Jermaine cole


  • KFC Owens


  • puchito

    So the hits to her head was fake too?

  • JO-JO’s world

    Now that’s what I’m taking about, I know it sounds fucked up but I just jacked off to this video🙊

  • Amoré Cielos Paraíso

    About as gay as a 7 dollar bill

  • Walter

    Stop plugging your faggot ancestors

  • Walter

    You don’t know shit

  • Walter

    Trump build that fucking wall faster

  • 🔥TerroristToad🐸💥🔫AllahuAkbar🔥

    I’m Here NlGGERS 💃💥🔫

  • Walter

    – public school teacher

  • Walter

    Fuck wshh

  • USVI- SoJahseh

    Fuck all that explaining…BITCH RUN!

  • B🍑🍑ty Gang Disciple



    This is like the typa shit you hear about on first 48 and csi and shows like that but instead of wondering who did it or how she was murdered all the shit is right here.


    -cracker from hicksville with the name “jo-jo’s world”. Lmao you white kids are lames


    I’m keep tellin y’all them Meskins go hard

  • PsychoBabble

    I seen this somewhere else, im sure the story was that he caught her fucking his friend and this was his reaction.

  • Dre Williams

    Wer is all the bullet holes he jus shoot in her?? Wtf

  • PsychoBabble

    Brazil, where divorce is the hard option.


    They’re Brazilian, you no knowledge having piece of shxt

  • disqus_w1wvr5e7XN

    Jermaine cole who

  • Mr Hall

    Man that shit is disturbing

  • Nx Name!

    There is nxthing she cxuld have did that made him just kill her like that man that shit was raw!

  • Ghostly151

    Shot over a drugs that was stolen

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    Best video yet. Lol

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    Apparently you’ve never seen a person with gunshot wounds. Her head swelled instantly

  • Michael Weeks Jr.

    My point exactly

  • Mouse

    We probably in hell already… smh

  • Javier Camuy

    Its pretty real bro i know a website with a bunch of those videos and more isis beheadings and shootings

  • StillSquidbilly

    Everytime I get banned, I send their ass a nice email. I always get let back in.

  • StillSquidbilly

    Yeah… I’m scared to watch. Just here for the comments.

  • jhon

    What site

  • CmonBrothaa

    This dude is a pussy.. Shit in life… Bet he gets punked by fools from his hood all the times and doesnt do shit and then does this shit. Thinking hes boss now. Fuck that fool.

  • CmonBrothaa


  • I’m Buttman

    Don’t watch yo

  • I’m Buttman

    Ain’t no hell

  • factsonly

    Yea i saw this vid on a shock site called theync a few months ago its real!

  • factsonly

    She stole drugs from the cartel…every kid thinking about selling drugs need to see this video.

  • factsonly

    Remember the 2013 video of the mexico cartel decapitating the 17 year old girl for snitching.

  • Sir Knight Hiram Abiff


  • Bolo Yeung

    Crazyshit is a website that shows alot of shit like this

  • Ivan

    Not hell we still have choices and see beauty. Get saved and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior cause there are many demons roaming on the earth. But there will be intense deception coming with the blue beam project don’t be fooled.

  • Put that on something

    I guess I’m fucked up because soon as I seen the word Murdered I had to look!

  • Neil

    Old but still good.

  • Secci

    Can anyone translate?

  • SteadyKeepinIt1000

    Oh My God…

  • JakeTheSnake

    Dam he didnt even try to get some pussy first?…

  • Mad Opinionz

    Let’s keep it real. Most of us are here in this chat because for whatever reason world star banned us from posting. Fuck them though thegutta has better videos. They just need a weekly vine comp and also more people in the chat

  • B🍑🍑ty Gang Disciple


  • Elon Martin

    Nah you was wondering why and would you smash first

  • Elon Martin

    I would of smashed

  • Bill_Cosby_oncRak

    Yo Worldstar dead as fuck ain’t shit popping there no more

  • Mr Wrong

    Get out

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

    Ha. Funny and true. I’ve been banned for about 6 months now. Have no clue why

  • •YOUNG•LEVAR• #Not Racist

    She was rapping some Nikki Minaj

  • Secci

    Damn Nikki got dissed and started speaking Portuguese?

  • Shun

    WS banned me for telling people about gutta. This is a great site

  • Shun

    Me too

  • Will-o

    3rd world shit coming soon to yo town. Enjoy your new country.

  • Mouse

    Jesus…. Nah sounds like Harry Potter movie.. I’ll just skip the other stuff and go straight to the source by praising God….

  • There is no mafia 🦆

    Yo. What’s that bitch sayin?

  • J. Gainez

    Old, been saw this on bestgore

  • drunkensaint

    You pray to your keyboard with ya 12000 comments loser ass bitch

  • Nasty

    This same site already showed this clip. WTF!? They trying to get over

  • Nasty

    What a waste of some nice tittys

  • StillSquidbilly

    Email their ass. It’s what I do.

  • TrumpsAConCongratsIdiots!!

    Nigga literally had a M1911 shit was old as fuck getting Jammed..

  • TrumpsAConCongratsIdiots!!

    Cant say SHIT on WS now that Q dead… Guess WS going PC now


    I couldn’t bring myself to look after I saw the blood splatter to her legs.

  • Syltopher Mayers

    Do you guys do any research at all?
    First off video is old af
    Second its not her bf she stole some drugs from these guys they caught up to her and shes telling them shell get the money but they dont care and smoke her.

  • StillSquidbilly

    That’s terrible.

  • Bodega Band$$

    Them niggas not playin boiiiii. Never front on the plug.

  • BbyNatTurner

    Who these ppl think they can just take a life like that! Deport them all

  • Jackie Thomas

    always them foreign mutha fuckas


    He did afterwards

  • Perez Sanchez

    How can they show this but something even sadder why are we watching