Sami Miro Gets LEAKT … Zac Efron EX GF Got Some NICE Pics If Ya Know What We Mean … We Got The Tape Coming Soon (TEASER TAPE INSIDE)

The leakkkkkkkkzzzzz are real yall… We can keep this goin all day… Sami Miro Zac Efron ex made a TAPE with him and we got the exclusive pics … We’ll drop the tape when we’re ready to. Feast on this for now.

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  • Guest

    On some real shit, yall can save these crackhead malnourished lookin hoes yall keep getting these pics leaked on……πŸ˜•πŸ˜žπŸ˜

  • AmorΓ© Cielos ParaΓ­so

    Eeeeeeeeeeeel! What are we…..WHO are we looking at????


    Ewwwwah skinny women yuck

  • Def

    Haha you love stank looking gramma bootys. All that ass shows how lazy they are

  • Def

    Hate when basic hoes try to do the most to look sexy. Bitch if you was a model i still would just wanna fuck you .. .. the basics

  • Bodega Band$$

    She got that thot face πŸ˜‚

  • Jonathan Riddle

    These bitches built like high school girls. When will the Scarlett Johanssen pics be released?


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  • Mark

    To manly for me

  • Bizz

    I hate those non aggressive tits that disappear when they lay on their back

  • Guest

    – sus nigga who cares what other men are attracted to

  • Guest

    – sus Nigga who cares what other men are attracted to


    Damn these pictures make my DICK SOFT. WOMEN like this need to be thicker.

  • Def

    True i only care because you niggas influence more black women to becoming over weight whores.

  • Walter

    If you think she’s a basic hoe you’re a complete faggot

  • Walter

    – shit black guys say

  • Neil

    This chick ugly as fuck gave me a anti hardon

  • Opulence

    Nothing to see here go home folks

  • factsonly

    Whiteboys like to fuck with these skinny lil bitches that look like little boys or prepubescent little girls….either way the shit seems gay af!


    You mad cuz you can’t pull a slim bitch huh?

  • ME

    word, zacs gf and alan thicke gf are some crackhead skinny ugly ass bishes

  • Guest

    It’s true that you’re a sus NiggaπŸ€”….lol

  • Christy

    Her ribs tho.. That shit sticks out like sumtin tryna bust out.

  • Mr. Absolution

    Tell me the 3rd pic from the bottom up don’t look like a nigga.

  • Jay


  • Def

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  • Def

    So she looks as good as most famous bitches nope… her body dont even reach top 10. Compared to Paula she’s definitely basic and you’re the faggot bitch…

  • Def

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  • Guest

    – wrote a paragraph expressing his hurt feelings….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Def

    In denial of his homosexual obession..

  • Def

    Ill give you that one because its your preferences. I just don’t see the attraction watching hoes walk around with that stank ass walk you know the one where they poke the ass out and bend they backs that shit is a turn off and i feel like hoes are stupid asf nowadays. Alk a niggasl had to say was i like some ass and these simp hoes injecting home Depot shit in they bodies to please someone else.

  • Guest

    – only one writing about gay shit

  • Walter

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  • guestsmh

    Ayoo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Will-o

    Lookin like Jayden.