• UnTrust

    Do you guys even watch the videos before writing the headline?

    Why is the guy an alleged white supremacist? And why does the headline say they tried to drown him when it was one of them who went swimming?

  • PsychoBabble

    lol yeah, whoever does the titles needs to give the job to someone else.

  • Neil

    I’m betting the person can’t read either.

  • James

    Talking that niqqa shit from behind your screens lmao Get up mandelaslastbreath

  • Mark James Solley

    Fucking baboons.

  • G.O.A.T

    shut up you emotional faggot

  • MaximoMambi

    This shit look like Bayside down in MIA

  • MrTomalu .

    lol The black dude tried a jump kick and landed on his back.

  • G_Dubb71

    Your homeboy down in that wowta!! Lol

  • Right In The Pussy!!!

    Lmfao nice attempt that shit made me literally laugh my fucking ass off

  • Right In The Pussy!!!

    It is


    Fucking dummys didnt even get the job done

  • GetMoneyGangsta



  • vanillathrilla

    thought it was only me

  • KingsFan4Life

    What makes this dude a white supremacist? In fact, why would it even be alleged? Because he has a bald head? Simpleton as fuck niggas. The bail clocking bullshit on this site sux.

  • Holydraws

    The video headline should have said.. Dumbass falls in water trying to fight someone but fails terribly 😂

  • Put that on something

    The caption is misleading

  • James

    Who pulled this fuck boys chain lmao come from behind the screen hillbilly

  • G.O.A.T

    okay when faggot what up

  • James

    KMSL whenever

  • G.O.A.T

    wya what’s the address

  • James

    I tell you what Walter you drop your address & phone number & I’ll reach out & touch your ass

  • James

    Now this dog wanna bark get back in your cage bih

  • G.O.A.T

    you’re a pussy cat … emphasis on the pussy

  • G.O.A.T

    – shit fags say

  • James

    -shit mutants like Walter would say

  • James

    Still waiting on that address & phone number if you not bad enough to drop them back to your cage bitch lmao

  • G.O.A.T

    hahahahhahahahaha ohhh yea i’ll just give out my personnel information for the world to see on a stupid monkey populated chat forum hahahaha do your monkey brains really work that way ? in that case give me your info pussy

  • G.O.A.T

    – faggot retort

  • G.O.A.T

    you’re a pussy hahahha make me haha meet up

  • G.O.A.T

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